Who is TN-CIL for?

TN-CIL hosts approximately 100 student leaders (or future leaders) including international and U.S. study abroad students in Tennessee.

Why was TN-CIL created?

TN-CIL was created to provide leadership development opportunities for international and study abroad students in Tennessee.  This is a unique opportunity to explore leadership in the context of cultural differences and understanding.

How can I be a leader at TN-CIL?

The Tennessee Conference for International Leadership is always looking for great leaders!

TAIE would like to welcome anyone to volunteer to be on the TNCIL leadership team. It’s a great opportunity to get to know other professionals in the state, develop your own leadership skills, and participate in meaningful programming.  Click here to view TN-CIL Leadership Positions

To volunteer contact:

Vanderbilt University
International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)
Student Life Center, 310 25th Avenue South Suite 103
Nashville, TN 37240